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Soft Gold Ltd aspires to make ShareCAD an environment where people can interact safely with their business partners, friends and other people around them. We have implemented many safety and privacy controls on ShareCAD as part of our goal to enable people to share their information only with the people they want to see it. We are constantly improving our systems for identifying and removing inappropriate content from the site.

Despite ShareCAD’s safety and privacy controls, Soft Gold Ltd cannot guarantee that the site is entirely free of illegal, offensive, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate material, or that its members will not encounter inappropriate or illegal conduct from other members. Consequently, you may encounter such content and conduct. You can help Soft Gold Ltd by notifying us of any nudity, pornography, harassment or unwelcome contact by sending an e-mail at {}.

Users should not use ShareCAD for secret or confidential materials. User bears sole responsibility for the compliance of the materials loaded on ShareCAD to the law.

Soft Gold Ltd bears no responsibility for the materials loaded by ShareCAD users including but not limited to retention, security, confidentiality of such materials, and shall not be held liable for loss of the users’ materials, unauthorized access by other users, dissemination or other unauthorized uses of the materials.

Complaints about nudity, pornography, harassment, illegal materials or unwelcome contact can be sent to